Shankra Festival 2016  Your Life Is Your Message 
 Lostallo (Graubunden) Switzerland 
 20.07.2016 - 24.07.2016 

Gate Prices

Gate Prices at Shankra Festival 2016 
Wednesday at 12:00 is 120 CHF
Thursday after 18:00 is 110 CHF
Friday after 18:00 is 100 CHF
Saturday after 18:00 is 80 CHF
(Pre-sale tickets are still running for 100 CHF)

Friendly Price

Shankra Festival desires to reunite the worldwide psychedelic tribe in the magical valley to celebrate life once again. We are offering friendly price tickets to 70 Countries and 2 entires Continents.

(Only till 01.07.2016) 

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Shankra 2015 Review

Shankra Festival 2015 18–21.6.2015 – Switzerland - REVIEW 

”First edition of Shankra Festival was an adventure of its own kind

The first edition of Shankra Festival 2015 was an adventure of its own kind. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Maybe over two thousand partygoers. A big enough main floor and a small forest chill-out. Located in a beautiful valley in Southern Switzerland near Italian border in a small Lostallo village. The place itself had a powerful nature energy. Two ice-covered mountains both sides of a long valley covered by a grassland and small areas of forests for camping and a roaming river.

The main dancefloor was covered with multicolour skydiving silk structures and when you looked up to the sky through them you could see the Alps. Behind the DJ-stage was a big mandala deco that we started to call Stargate, because at nigh it was luminous like a portal to another dimension. The sound on the main floor was crystal clear and bass was like bass should be. The line- up was mainly underground. Of course there where old-timers like Space Buddha, Vibrasphere, Asura, U-Recken and Ticon. All of them delivering funky dance sound, even good friend Electric Universe.

What makes party a real lifetime experience, expect nature and weather, which was excellent – sunny skies and hot temperature daytime – is of course the festivalgoers. Like Modern Talking sang in 80’s hit song: “You’re my heart, you’re my soul.” Sometimes I feel that I’m too old for this kind of high octane fun, but when I’m on the dancefloor and I see all those hundreds of happy, smiling people dancing around me, I get into the flow. I forget past and future and I live moment of Zen beauty.

Big plus for Shankra organization, nice first aid ladies and extra plus for http://www.know-drugs.chpeople, who was doing really good job delivering online information about all kind of substances, giving free water and fruits. There were also fresh water spots all round. The bazaar and food area were well worth of it. There was even a horse stable and you could see horses hanging on field when passing to main floor.

It was nearly 6’oclock early Sunday evening and the music was still blasting. There was Martin from Human Element kicking the dust. And at the end there were lot of deejays, beautiful girls and of course main man Mahi with his brother Madu, Sophie and all the other Shankra posse on the main stage. It was time to say goodbye and thank everyone. So what can I say? Maybe one of the best parties in my life over the years and there’s been a lot of them. With my whole heart. Sisters and brothers. “Love, respect and friendship”, like my ninja master used to say.

See you at Shankra Festival 2016, which will take place again from the 20th to the 24 July.

Written by: Markku “Cosmo” Salmi - Finland 

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Children's Village

Shankra Children's Village 

Shankra is a family-friendly event.
Even the youngest festivalgoers will love Shankra with its playground and art-craft area.

“Shankra Children Village” will be a free child play centre with loads of activities for children from 3 years-old on;
workshops, body painting, story-telling and all kind of entertainments organized and coordinated
by teams of professionals educators.

It will be in a safe area, adjacent the First Aid and constantly guarded by security.
Opening days and hours: Thursday-Sunday, 9.30-12.00 / 14.00-18.00.
Please sign in your participation at the following link: to guarantee a place for your child.

Artists Mixes

Shankra Artists Mixes


Workshops Artists

Workshop, Healing, Arts, Yoga, Performances Artists 

We are deeply glad to present you the artists which are going to present and perform at Shankra Festival 2016 :) 
All the workshops, yoga classes, healing activities are open and free access during our 5-day festival <3

Ashtanga Yoga - Clair Carter - Ireland
avEva - Live Painting - Italy
Body-Mind Massage & Meditation - Alexandra Gavilano - Switzerland
Breath & Dance - Eurynome Sisters - Australia
Chakra Healing - Vittoria Piccioni - Italy 
Circus - Eddie Grant - England 
Comfort Food On Paper - Hiu Yung Lai - Italy 
Dance - Zefiro Fusion - France
Devilstick - Nicolas Sanchez - France
Dream Coaching - Stefan Stockinger - Pirado Airways - Austria
Dream Reading - David Baur - Switzerland
Fire Performance - Alex Cuthbertson - England
Fire Performance - Houard Anatole - France
Fuego Loko - Rafael Haie - France
Fmg - Paggi - Mariano - Francesco - Live Painting - Switzerland/Italy
Free Your Voice And Be Heard - Amanda Burger - U.S.A
Giag - Gianluca Petrassi - Painting - Italy
Gong Bath - Francesco Signoretti - Italy
Hand Pan - Edoardo Ponticelli - Italy 
Hatha Yoga & Yoga Flow - Nena Speecha - Switzerland
Hippies Never Die - Roger Rea - Switzerland
Hoolahoop - Reni Hardmeier - Switzerland
Human Design - Luna Studer - Switzerland
Inner Flight - Stefan Stockinger - Pirado Airways - Austria
Jacob Spiss - Live Painting - Austria
Juggling & Fire - Marcos Puglielli - Brasil
Juggling & Fire - Rok Lesjak - Slovenia
Juggling & Fire - Teo, Nico, Pepe, Gilles & Lucas - France
Juggling/Hip-Hop/Led - Philippe Ducasse - France
Kundalini Yoga - Ramon Castaner Majol - Spain
Lilit Moon - Marina Sokolova - Switzerland
Macramé - Vanja Antic - Serbia
Manual Of Psychedelic Support - Svea Nielsen - Switzerland
Neuroscience - Patrick - Switzerland
Oriental Fusion & Fire Dance - Samantha Tritton - Spiral Visions - England
Painting Meditation - Pamela Marinelli - Italy 
Personal Vision - Andreas Dittrich - Switzerland
Rebirth Breathwork - Kundalini Meditation - Jessica Benidir - Belgium
Recycled Art - A.Sabellico - Live Painting - Italy
Rock Your Chakras - Mandy Frauenlob - Germany
Sacred Dances - Eurynome Sisters - Australia 
Shiatsu Massage - Anna Viale - Italy 
The Basic Of Massage - Helena Aicher - Switzerland
Three Principles - Darko Pribeg - Croatia
Yoga Dance - Zefiro Fusion - Stefania Spina - France
Yoga Sound Massage & Didjeridoo - Gabriele Gubbelini - Italy

Your Life is Your Message



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An Insight Of the Valley

Psykovsky 10 Hours Live Set

Psykovsky confirmed at Shankra Festival 2016 :)
We are delighted to announce a 10 hours long live set by Psykovsky in the Second Floor during our 5-day festival :)


Bamboo Architecture

3000 Meters of Bamboo arrived yesterday from Indonesia :)
Be ready to experience some spectacular structures at Shankra Festival 2016 :) 

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