The only difference between the different types of tickets is the price: the earlier you buy the tickets, the less it costs.

Yes, you can buy tickets from everywhere in the world through our online Shankra Festival website or through our international network of Ambassadors selling friendly price tickets (check the list on our website). Tickets can also be physically purchased in any post office in Switzerland.

Each ticket is identified through a numerical code, not assigned by name: tickets are transferable and can be purchased in group on behalf of friends. Only “Friendly Price Tickets” are nominal.

Since tickets are identified by numbers and not personals, it’s possible to sell them to other interested people, but are not refundable. In case you bought a “Friendly Price Tickets” and you want to sell it to somebody else, you need to contact your Ambassador in order change the name related to said ticket.

Minors are welcome to the festival and can purchase tickets only if they will be accompanied by a parent or a legal tutor. Written permissions will not be accepted at the gate.

No, Tickets purchased online before the beginning of the festival cover the whole five-days experience. You can arrive after the first day of the festival and purchase a reduced ticket (starting from full price tickets) at the gate, that will cover the costs from the day of your arrival until the end of the festival.

Shankra Festival is the most affordable psychedelic festival in Switzerland: our mission is to assure the best experience with the smallest effort from participants. Our price covers the five-days entrance, an amazing campsite with all free services (showers, WCs, water points, charging points, medical care), lots of musical performances and international live acts, a Healing Area for workshops, treatments, classes and lectures, art performances, the Children’s Village and the possibility to enjoy the stunning natural location.

The ticket insurance is a sole service of our ticket provider Ticketino.com. Please check the information on this website in order to know whether your case is covered by the insurance: https://www.ticketino.com/files/ticket-insurance/ticket-insurance-en.pdf

The Festival

Mountain weather is very unpredictable: it can be anything from summer hot to autumn cool. At daytime, it may get very hot: bring your summer clothes, sunscreen and hats. At night-time, it gets cold: we suggest to bring warm clothes (raincoat, thermals, boots), isolating mat and a nice sleeping bag.

Music will stop on 21st July in the evening. You have time to get a nice sleep and pack your things, as the camping will close on Monday at 12:00. There will be shuttle buses to Bellinzona until Monday at 12:00.

Kids are welcome at Shankra Festival and you can register them in advance on our website children application they will receive a special wristband. In the Children’s Area you can find certified carers who will entertain kids with plenty of activities. However, you are responsible for them and at least one parent has to be present all the time at the Area. Parenting is about responsibility: kids rely on you! In order to assure the maximum safety, we want to highlight that the festival environment could be really stressful for babies under the age of 2 years old, therefore we suggest them to leave them in good care at home.

There will be a Medical Team on the festival, ready to help at all the time. Minor treatments will be for free, for more complex procedures as well as a stay in the hospital, your insurance will have to pay. Don’t hesitate to call for help in case of any emergency.

Turn off your phone, relax and enjoy the natural environment! There will not be a Wi-Fi zone in the festival, so please be sure to have all your documents, messages and pictures sent before you come. Get connected by disconnecting!

In Lostallo, the nearby village, you’ll find a supermarket. There will be shuttle buses going to the village, and a walking path. Do not walk in the highway! You will be stopped and fined by the police. It is forbidden, dangerous to yourself and for people around you.

There is a smooth path from the gate to the campsite and to the dancefloors. Please, contact us in advance through our contact form, so that we can arrange a comfortable arrival for you.

Yes, drugs are illegal in Switzerland. It is your responsibility to drive sober, in order to protect yourself and the people around you. Drug dealers will not be tolerated. If you are found by authorities with illegal substances, you will have full responsibility and Shankra Team will not respond for you.


Shankra Festival does not provide a renting service for tents, however we encourage to publish your request on our Facebook event page for Shankra Festival 2019, as there are many participants who might have tents to share.

The camping site for tents is in the centre of the festival grounds! You will be able to set up your tent in the designated areas and easily reach all the different dancefloors and sites. Please note that, in order to respect Nature and safety regulation, camping is allowed ONLY in the dedicated areas. Please remember how many hooks you dug in and tear them all out again when you leave.

The caravan campsite will be at the caravan park, where all services (WCs, showers, water points) are provided. In order to preserve the festival grounds and allow all participants to set up tents, caravans are not allowed inside the festival grounds.

The festival environment can be really stressful for our pet friends. In order to respect their health and safety, we ask you to leave them at home: they are not allowed on the festival ground. Dogs are allowed in the caravan campsite, only if guarded properly.

There will be plenty of charging points for electrical devices. We recommend to always keep an eye for your device, if charging, as they can be easily misplaced or get lost.

We do not allow wild fires and gas stoves in the campsite, however you are able to cook in the caravan campsite. Caravan-owners are requested to use tested gas plants only if there is a valid proofing paper. There will be amazing food shops with a diverse offer of tasty meals, healthy snacks and fresh juices.

In order to protect the wonderful place home to Shankra Festival and to assure everybody’s safety, we do not allow to bring glass bottles.

There will be designated areas for garbage. We kindly ask you to select your garbage and recycle what you could use again. We all care a great lot for Nature! The wonderful home of Shankra Festival is normally used by farmers and lived by many animals: don’t be selfish and keep it clean. We will have many toilets, do not use fields or trees as your own private toilet: there are other people around you who want to enjoy the clean grass!

Of course! Remember that one single cigarette butt pollutes more than 300 litres of fresh water and could eventually end up on our plates, in your drinking bottles. Be conscious about your impact on Nature!


Just outside the festival grounds, you will find the car park to leave your car in. Parking tickets are required in order to use the car park: you can buy theme here. Please note that caravans will have a different parking lot, therefore it is important to buy the dedicated ticket. We ask you to buy your ticket in advance, in order to fasten the parking procedure and to assure your spot. To fully respect Nature and her beautiful elements, we suggest to use public transportations or to share the travel with more people.

You will find a site dedicated to caravans, with all camping services (WCs, showers). Parking tickets are required in order to use the caravan park. You can buy them here.

Both in the car park and the caravan park there will be plenty of WCs. There will be showers only in the caravan park.

Shankra Festival offers various musical performances of different genres, meeting a broad range of musical tastes. Don’t ruin the sleep of people around you! Participants playing loud music in the parking places or in the campsites will be asked to shut them down. If not done, they will be asked to leave.


Jump on the Shankra buses and reach the festival grounds directly from Malpensa Airport! We provide a bus service that will run on set times and dates (check the website for more details and timetables, will be updated soon). We ask you to get tickets online in advance, as we do not sell them at the airport.

Shankra Festival will provide a continuous bus service from Bellinzona to the festival gate. From 17th July till Sunday 21st July Shuttle bus service will run from 9 AM till 12 PM and Monday till 12 AM, said service will transport you from Bellinzona Train Station’s directly to the Festival’s gate and back (about every thirty minutes). You can buy the ticket before jumping on the bus. Note that our bus ticket price will remain the same during all phases of ticket sales: 5.00 CHF. Be sure to choose the Shankra’s Shuttle.

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