Music Application for Shankra Festival 2021

Shankra Festival is a platform for musicians who wish to share their work with people: we want to give everyone the possibility of showcasing their own music on our dancefloors, only basing our choice on the quality of the work presented to us.

We believe that the ability to create a musical experience and send an original message to people is inside both young musician and well-known artists, regardless of the amount of success or gigs played. If you wish to play at our festival, what we ask you is to fill up the Music Application, where you will be asked to upload your materials, through a private link such as Dropbox, Wetransfer or any other.

Producers & Dj's

If you master the delicate art of creating music, or rocking the stage as a Dj, we ask you to upload a dedicated, exclusive mix of 1 hour with your music. We want to listen to an original mix, created by you for Shankra Festival 2021: mixes which are already online and published on your pages are not accepted. Your mix will be published on our Soundcloud channel and we will help to spread your musical message to the Shankra Family followers all over the world.

Please note that we will not choose you for the quantity of the plays/views/likes on our channels.

Deadline for the application is on 01.06.2020, after that date, applications will not be accepted anymore.

After a careful selection, we will eventually contact you and, if selected, book you for Shankra Festival 2021!

Best luck, Your Shankra Team

Applications sent without an exclusive 1 hour mix will not be taken into account.
File Name must contain: Artist Name – Dj Set or Live Set – Shankra Festival 2021 Music Application